Are you planning a launch license or spaceport application and don't know where to begin?
Have you had your initial discussion with the FAA and now you're more confused than ever?
Is your launch license or spaceport application stuck and you're not sure why?
Have you received your license but you're having trouble implementing FAA's terms and conditions? We can help!
  • The Spaceport Company has years of experience on both the FAA side evaluating license applications, and on the private sector side, having made numerous applications ourselves.
  • Our team helped the FAA write portions of the Part 450 regulation, and led the team at Astra that obtained the first Part 450 license FAA ever issued.
  • We “speak FAA” and know how to translate their guidance into actionable recommendations. We can even write the Jira tickets for you, if you like!
  • We know how to get it done because we’ve done it ourselves. And we can recommend reliable consultants trusted by the FAA.

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